Scheduled Outages
Please report outages via Whatsapp or direct phone call at 456-1540. This number is a 24 hour hotline.
Why do Outages occur?
VINLEC makes every effort to provide uninterrupted service to customers. However, there are conditions beyond our control that can cause power outages: Among some of the causes of outages:
 Planned Outages - It is sometimes necessary to interrupt power supply to customers to carry out maintenance work. In these instances, VINLEC notifies customers in advance.
 Lightning – Lightning can strike our electrical equipment and this can result in power loss. Lightening can also strike trees, which may fall onto power lines and cause outages.
 Wind - High winds may cause objects to come in contact with power lines. Wind may also blow tree limbs or entire trees onto power lines, causing the lines to fall, or break poles.
 Rain/Flooding - Heavy rains can cause flooding. Floods can cause damage to both above-ground and underground electrical equipment.
 Vehicular Accidents - Vehicular accidents can cause power outages, as they sometimes result in damaged poles and power lines.
Disconnection Notice