Environmental Policy Statement

Our mission is to deliver an electricity supply service of the best quality and value to all customers; to satisfy the interest of shareholders and employees; to support sustainable development and contribute towards a high quality of life for our people.
In fulfillment of our mission, we recognize the importance of the environment and as one of the country’s leading corporate citizens, accept environmental protection as a social responsibility. We believe that the incorporation of environmental protection, conservation and enhancement in the conduct of our business is beneficial to the ecological and economic welfare of our country. Equally important to achieving our mission is the responsibility for the health and safety of our workers, as expressed in our Occupational Health & Safety Policy Statement.
We are accountable for and will strive to eliminate or reduce the foreseeable environmental consequences of our actions through the use of innovative and cost-effective approaches. Together with our employees, contractors and suppliers we will:
 Conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner while providing our customers with safe, reliable and quality service;
 Encourage environmentally sound business procedures and work practices for the benefit of our employees, shareholders and the country on a whole;
 Prevent, minimize or mitigate known or foreseeable environmental impacts of our products and services;
 Comply with the national and international environmental and health best practices, statutes, regulations and standards that are applicable for our industry;
 Ensure environmental awareness and vigilance by providing environmental training and sensitization of our employees;
 Promote and work towards continued improvement in our efforts to protect and improve the environment;
 Enable customers to use electricity in a safe manner;
 Promote the sustainable use of electricity by promoting demand management/energy conservation practices;
 Seek to optimize the consumption of all material inputs required for our activities;
 Cooperate with other organizations in the sustainable management of our watershed, forestry and other natural resources which we can impact.
 Facilitate dialogue with and feedback from all stakeholders about our environmental performance;
 Pro-actively engage in practical and productive community discussions about relevant environmental issues.
We are committed to implementing and maintaining this Policy in all aspects of our business, so helping to ensure a sustainable future for our nation and the viability and success of our organization as an electric utility.