Bill Payment

 Timely Payment
We rely on our customers to pay their bills promptly so that we can continue to provide an excellent service.
As a consumer of electricity, you are responsible for paying for what you have used. Failure to pay can ultimately lead to disconnection and regrettably, we are forced sometimes to do this as a last resort. Paying your bill(s) on time helps to reduce our cost and so everyone benefits.
Issue of Electricity Bills
Your electricity bill is prepared each month and sent to the address provided by you. In some areas, the Company employs bill delivery personnel who do direct “house to house” deliveries. The due date for payment of your current bill is indicated clearly on the bill. You are allowed thirty (30) days after the bill is issued to settle the amount.
Method of Payment
  • Bills can be paid in full as soon as they are received. 
  • Part payment can be made during the month provided that the bill is cleared by the due date given.
  • Advance payment can also be made, especially if customers will be away when bills are sent. 
  • Cash, cheque payment or online transfers can be made at a number of locations as shown below.
  • At the Corporate Headquarters, payment over the counter can be made in United States Dollars, subject to verifying the payee’s identity.
Payment Locations
For the convenience of our customers, bills can be paid at our Corporate Headquarters and at various other financial institutions and businesses, including:
  • First St. Vincent Bank, Kingstown (including online payment services)
  • CIBC First Caribbean International Bank, Kingstown (including online payment services)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia, Kingstown (including online payment services)
  •  Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT), Kingstown (including online payment services)
  •  Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Kingstown (online payment services included)
  •  St. Vincent Building and Loan Association, Kingstown
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines Postal Corporation
  •  Marriaqua Cooperative Credit Union, Mesopotamia
  •  Barrouallie Cooperative Credit Union, Barrouallie
  • Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union, Kingstown
Payments from our collection agencies are sent to us electronically within two (2) days of collecting, via our safe “Lock-Box” procedure. Once received, updating of the customer’s account is instantaneous.
Non-Payment by the Due Date
  • Disconnection of Service – Your electricity may be disconnected if:
    • You do not pay your monthly bill on time
    • You fail to keep an agreed payment arrangement
    • A cheque paid by you is returned due to insufficient funds
Reconnection of Supply
If you have been disconnected for non-payment, the following are payable before service is restored:
  • The full amount outstanding on the account
  • A reconnection fee of $23.20 inclusive of VAT
  • A security deposit where applicable
VINLEC provides an efficient, cost-effective service, but we need our customers’ assistance. 
Please pay on time!