Transmission & Distribution

Our Mission


To provide all customers with a reliable supply of electricity, through VINLEC’s transmission and distribution line network.


The T&D Department maintains:


  • approximately 250 miles of Transmission and Distribution lines. These lines run overhead on approximately 27,000 poles and underground primarily in the more urban areas. 

  • approximately 1,100 distribution transformers that are used to provide customers with a supply at a suitable voltage.

  • 8,050 streetlights

  • over 40,000 revenue meters.

  • VINLEC’s fleet of 52 vehicles.

  • and installs VINLEC’s Fibre Optic network.

In this Department, there are sixty-one employees:

  • Three Management Staff

  • Six Supervisory and Technician Staff

  • Fifty-two Unionised Staff